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This low concentration of H2S calls for more complex sulfur plant, larger equipments second scheme, the enrichment tower pressure is set between regenerator pressure and ambient pressure presented at the Proceedings of the 2nd. Annual Gas Processing Symposium: Qatar, January , Perry, D., Fedich.

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Based on the concept of none-equilibrium bed load discharge, using numerical model and reverse problem solving approach through numerical simulation, this paper estimated the bed load transportation rate of the riverbed. A numerical model that can describe none-uniform and none equilibrium bed load transportation was developed in this paper.

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The model can simulate the hydraulic factors, Manning coefficient, bed load transportation rate, and the change of bed sediment graduation with the change of the time. Through the solution of the flow continuous equation, flow momentum equation, resistance equation, none-equilibrium bed load transportation equation and the sediment mass continuous equation, the deformation of the river bed is obtained. This model is applied to rivers with the following features: the gravel-cobble bed with sand, the little effect of the suspended sediment on the deformation of the river bed, the depth and width of none-uniform flow along the river.

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The model was verified by a set of flume experiment of none-equilibrium bed load discharge. The results indicate that the observed bed load transportation rate is consistent with the computational one. The results of the computing bed sediment gradation reflect the phenomenon that the scour and silting cause the larger of the bed sediment correctly.

The aim of the work was to apply ultraviolet mutagenesis on white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus for enhancement of laccase production. It was proved that ultraviolet mutagenesis is the effective method to improve laccase activity of Pleurotus ostreatus, and the results of our work are significant for the potential application of laccase.

Plant-microbial fuel cells PMFCs are a sub-branch of a class of promising bioelectrochemical systems which are capable of simultaneously supplying biomass and renewable energy from photosynthesis and root exudation. In this study, the possibility of power amplification through stacking was tested. Ipomoea aquatica and Pistia stratiotes were used as model plants in this study because their biomass is valued as food for humans and livestock, respectively. In a brief 7-day experiment, maximum power densities of 6.

No significant difference in voltage was observed between the two plants, although the current and power output of I. Connecting three cells in series resulted to three times higher voltage but the same current, and connecting three cells in parallel resulted to three times higher current but the same voltage for both plants.

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Power was also amplified by stacking. There is no significant difference in the power produced by the cells connected in series or parallel. Power density remained constant due to the increase in surface area of electrodes used upon stacking. These results are consistent with the rules of electric circuits and would become a valuable tool in the computational design of larger systems with numerous cells that can supply a large part of our electricity demands.

There are three steps of this method: the wave energy was transferred into marine current energy; electric power was generated from this current energy; and the artificial stony coral reef was created by the synthetic action of dissolved carbon dioxide and calcium ion under the promoting effect of low electric current in the seawater. In the process of creating stony coral reef, the carbon dioxide both in the atmosphere above sea surface and in the seawater was absorbed and sequestrated or semi-sequestrated. This method was validated in indoor experiments under heavy polluted environmental conditions.

The results show it is highly efficient in reduction of carbon dioxide content in coastal environments. Several benthic plants and animals live in lakes and reservoirs. Benthic algae, mostly diatoms, can reflect the quality of the water environment. The indicative function of water quality by diatom community and basic principle of diatoms in-dexmethod was described.

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This paper investigates the benthic algal community in a water reservoir basin. A total of species of benthic diatoms were collected in flood season July and non-flood season November. Winery wastewater contains a large number of resistant organic compounds, and the residual effluent COD is high after common biological treatment processes, which is hard to meet the increasingly rigorous wastewater discharge standard in China.

The combination of Fenton pre-oxidation and SBR aerobic treatment is the optimal process treating winery wastewater. The flood disaster has a higher frequency and more influences under the impacts of global climate change and urbanization for the past several decades. The primary objective of this study is to provide more comprehensively the change characteristics in observed precipitation extremes for the period of in the Weihe River Basin WRB of China.

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Fourteen extreme precipitation indices EPIs were defined to describe the precipitation extremes. The spatial distribution of the typical EPIs was also presented.

The results showed that: 1 Generally, the spatial and temporal variations of precipitation extremes varied for different EPIs and different regions. More EPIs were mainly increasing trends dominated. The stations which had statistically significant trends were mainly located at the northern and southeast regions, some of which were outside the WRB borders. The paper studies the characteristics of runoff which can provide the basis for rational development and utilization of water resources in the Weihe River Basin WRB. In this paper, sixteen typical hydrological stations in the WRB are selected, including six stations in the mainstream, eight in the south bank and two in the north bank of WRB.

The variations of annual and monthly runoff for stations are investigated using the fractal dimension during in the WRB. The differences of fractal dimensions between the mainstream and the main tributaries located at the south bank and the north bank are compared. The results show that the runoff fractal dimension varies for different stations and months.

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In the WRB, the maximum monthly runoff fractal dimensions of stations are mainly in the flood season June to October and the minimum are mainly in the dry season December to March. The fractal dimensions of stations in the mainstream are smaller than those in the south bank, and the fractal dimensions in the north bank are smaller than those in the south bank of the WRB. Especially, in the mainstream of the WRB, the fractal dimensions of stations in the midstream are the largest, followed by downstream and upstream. Results show that there exist major net water vapor input from the western and southern boundaries and net water vapor output in the eastern and northern ones.

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A typical flood has close relationships with positive anomaly of the transported water vapor from the Bay of Bengal. For a typical drought year, water vapor transported from the Bay of Bengal, as well as the South China Sea, are greatly reduced. And the contribution of the South China Sea is relatively large. Water vapor transported by the tropical westerly also plays a key role in the summer precipitation of the HRB area. Results suggested that the region of the southeast of the Tibet Plateau plays a key role as "transfer post".

In this paper, the numerical simulation on the characteristics of thermal buoyant jets of the cross-flow equal area of the round hole and square hole thermal jets is carried out, which based on the SIMPLE algorithm and Fluent's RSM model. According to the calculation results, the variation characteristics of velocity and temperature of single-hole jets with the different flow profiles in crossflow are analyzed, and the decay laws of velocity and temperature in heat jet are obtained.

The results show that the closer to the jet exit, the more rapidly the speed change, and there is a clear jet mainstream area, but the speed fluctuations gradually weaken with the flow to the downstream. The dimensionless temperature difference of the trajectory of thermal buoyant jets decreases gradually along the direction of incoming flow, and the trajectory centre of the thermal buoyant jets moves away from the outlet.

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  6. Compared with the square hole, the round hole jet impactes on the incoming flow strongly, causes more intense mixing with the surrounding fluid, and increases velocity and temperature attenuate at faster rate. The thermal discharge from power plants adversely affects its surrounding ecological environment, so it is of practical significance to study the diffusion characteristics of the thermal discharge as the global ecological environment problem becomes more and more serious. The change of the temperature and velocity of the buoyant jet with different inclination in the co-current environment were studied.

    The main conclusions are as follows: the jet velocity and temperature decay rapidly near the orifice, and the region with the largest change of velocity is also the region with the greatest dilution of temperature. The influence range is mainly within 80 times diameter of the nozzle. The smaller the jet angle is, the slower the change of velocity and temperature decay. Surface water shortage and groundwater over-pumping caused the world's largest underground water funnel group in the research area. Water supply from the middle route of the SNWD Project is of great significance to ease acute water shortage, alleviate groundwater over-pumping and improve groundwater quality in Hebei water-recipient area.

    The purpose of this article was to evaluate the eco-economic benefits of the delivered water from the middle route of SNWD Project to alleviate groundwater over-pumping in Hebei water-recipient area by means of reference model method, cost-benefit method and substitute cost method. The results of reference model method, cost-benefit method, and substitute cost method were 5. While, the cost of delivered water in Hebei water-recipient area was 6. From this point of view, the middle route of SNWD Project is very profitable in alleviating groundwater over-pumping in Hebei Province.

    Low temperature water discharged from large reservoirs caused a lot of environmental problems, which consist of the impairment of downstream aquatic ecosystem and agricultural production. In order to quantify the impact of low temperature water discharged from large reservoir, an ecological survey and water temperature measurements were carried out on Gangkouwan Reservoir in Anhui province China.

    The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code EFDC was employed to study the vertical water temperature profile and estimate the temperature of water released from Gangkouwan Reservoir in different hydrological year. And a measure was proposed for alleviation of the negative effects of the low temperature water.

    In order to facilitate works of water environment management in Yanming Lake Xi'an Shaanxi, the MIKE 21 hydrodynamic model coupled with the advection-dispersion equation was employed to develop a water quality model to investigate the characteristics of the flow field on the conditions of different wind and to simulate the variations of pollutants, which were Chemical Oxygen Demand COD , Total Nitrogen TN and Total Phosphate TP.

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    Additionally, based on the distribution characteristic of pollutants, three scenarios for external pollutants' load reduction were proposed. Response Characteristics of water quality after implementation of different scenarios was conducted. The results showed that the time-average velocity value ranged from 0 to 0. Six circulations could be induced by southwest wind in the flow field. Time-average TN concentration field consisted of two regions, whose concentration was 2. Time-average TP concentration field had no significant zoned phenomenon and its concentration ranged from 0.

    Results from evaluation of water quality indicated that water quality was in the standard of inferior Grade V. Additionally, water quality will be better improved after implementation of Scenario 2 rather than Scenario 1 and 3. Electric power market transaction is one of the important measures for the reform of the electric power system in China.

    In this paper, the optimal operation model of the reservoir was established. Based on the standard particle swarm optimization, the improved particle swarm optimization algorithm was proposed. Taking a hydropower station as an example, the Time of Use TOU price annual profits calculated in dry years, flat and humid years than the single price increased by 1.

    The results show that the annual benefit price of hydropower station was significantly higher than the annual benefit of one price system when taking TOU price into account, can be used to solve the reservoir optimal scheduling strategy in the electricity market transaction model. With the accelerating process of urbanization in China, the traditional urban water system governance system is facing the challenges of flood and waterlogging, river ecosystem deterioration, water pollution and urban water shortage.

    Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a new urban water system governance system that respects nature and complies with nature. Taking Jinan sponge city construction as an example, the paper analyzes the existing problems in the pilot area, putting forward the overall goals of sponge city construction, total annual runoff control rate, waterlogging standards, flood control standards and build ways. The works can provide direct guidance for the construction of sponge cities in Jinan city. On the other hand, they may be able to accumulate experience for the research on urban water system construction in China, gradually boosting the application and development of sponge city theory in practice.

    The effects of enzymatic hydrolysis on the extraction of sludge protein and the sludge dewatering performance were investigated. Results showed that the enzymatic hydrolysis effectively extracted protein and improved the sludge dewatering. With an aim to provide guidance for public health swimming in the beach, as well as provide a scientific basis for beach safety management, a continuous day monitoring after the first rainfall and 6-day monitoring after the last rainfall in the swimming season in was carried out at Fujiazhuang bathing beach in Dalian to evaluate the effects of rainfall on typical fecal sources enterococci, human specific bacteroides and non-fecal bacteria staphylococcus aureus contamination.

    The results showed that the concentration of enterococci using culture dependent method and human bacteroides using real-time PCR always fluctuated with six overlap rainfalls, which had a severe impact on fecal bacteria indicators. Swimmer density is another major factor affecting the concentration of both fecal and non-fecal sources bacteria in seawater. Considering from the public health, it is recommended to reduce the swimming frequence during continuous rainfall period, as well as to increase periodic surveying of highly frequented beaches, especially during periods of peak bather density.