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The main focus of my research was to learn more about our target audience; youngsters and their parents. I prepared a stakeholder map of all the things that influence teens and parents' financial habits. It turned out that a lot of things influence teens, but banks aren't really one of them. Banks have a direct line of influence on parents but not teens. I conducted a competitive analysis of products on financial literacy education. The apps mostly focus on saving allowance and budgeting.

Parents usually play a monitoring role instead of teaching. I also found that if a product attempts to include more educative content, it becomes less user-friendly and less intriguing as well, which can be a potential design space for us to explore. Personal finance management apps in the app store only provide a way to look at your account budget instead of spending wisely.

Local banks apps are too static that they can hardly motivate a teen to use them.

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I decided to start with an online survey as it was the best way to collect massive data with limited time and resource. I used a survey to:.

I sent out two separate surveys to 47 students from high school to college and 50 parents of teens. I found that parents think it's extremely important for children to learn financial literacy but lack methods and tools. I then conducted semi-structured interviews with financial experts and parents of teenage children to:. This is generally when people begin to transition from being financially dependent on parents to financially independent high school to college. We targeted parents as well to build accountability and better financial habits.

Based on the research, I created 4 personas ranging from "ineffective parent teaching" to "effective parent teaching" which guided design ideas. I focused on the needs of the user, and why they would need our product in their lives. In this parent-teen pair, the father ineffectively tries to teach financial concepts to his daughter. In the "Effective teaching parent-teen pair", the father consistently teaches his duaghter appropriate financial concepts. High financial literacy did not necessarily mean effective teaching. Lack of tools and resources. Based on the evidence we collected from user research, we conducted an informed brainstorming session.

Each member first came up with a variety of ideas individually.

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The group then convened for several hours to share all the ideas and form a number of new ideas. After generating design concepts, we each selected our two favorite concepts to make into storyboards and pitch to each other. After that, we decided to scope down on the few we felt aligned best with our user needs and client goals. The first two concepts primarily address the need of emerging adults aged between 17 and 21, while the last two concepts target parents of late adolescents.

Ask users to reflect on their purchases regularly to help them identify decision patterns like impulsive shopping and make better purchase decision in the future.

The Teen's Guide to Personal Finance

Bring distant financial concepts closer by: encouraging them to set long term saving goals and visualizing the long-term financial status based on current financial status. Provide guidelines for parents to co-plan family budget with their children. In this way parents are able to teach finance lessons to their children effectively.

Help children learn financial practice by actively rewarding certain amount of money if they successfully accomplish tasks of financial management. We first discussed the main functionalities in each concept, then I created scenarios for the concepts that best fit our vision and technical constraints.

We then showed the following concepts and scenarios to potential users, and asked them about their preferences and their feedback on my designs. Our first concept uses push notifications to encourage users Teenager to provide feedback for their purchases over time. With the user's own input, the system can generate personalized financial advice for the user. It brings distant financial concepts closer to teens and provides actionable suggestions on what they can do now to achieve their goals in the future. Our third concept provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for parents to discuss financial matters with their children.

It includes actionable steps parents can follow to involve their children in major financial decisions in the family. Concept 4 aims at giving children a sense of agency by giving them a portion of the family's budget and letting them make spending decisions under the guidance of their parents. After gathering feedback from 15 users, we decided to proceed with Concept 1 as our core concept, and incorporate the short-term financial status analysis feature from Concept 2 into our final design.

Schwab MoneyWise® Workshop for Teens

With credit, you are borrowing money from someone else, usually a bank, to make a purchase. Now, you owe a debt to the bank, and it needs to be paid off in a certain amount of time or the amount that you owe will increase. If you enjoy numbers and keeping track of money, a career in accounting could be for you.

There are many jobs that center on accounting. You could be a bookkeeping clerk and keep track of the ledger of a business. You could be an auditor who looks over financial records and ensures that they are all accurate and valid. A forensic accountant can help catch criminals and bring them to justice.


Whether you want to be an accountant or not, you still need a solid understanding of money management, accounting, and financial principles. They can take something fun and turn it into a great learning experience, ensuring that these important concepts stick with you for years and years to come. If you still want to know more about accounting and money management, there are lots of other resources available to you. Remember that you can start practicing now with money that you receive from an allowance or even from loved ones as a gift.

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And getting a head start on this learning can only benefit you as you look to head to college, move out, and become an adult with your very own paycheck. Skip to main content. Accounting: Teens and Kids Everyone earns money or spends money, and most people do both. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 94 pages. Published first published More Details Original Title.

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