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The unfolding is a bit more manageable, less hysterical, but still melodramatic. Griffith's police procedural is just another stone in the river without her earthy, lucid, topographical and climactic inclusions. The archeological parts add color and weight, but sometimes they feel like artifacts to the story, and were more telegraphed than embedded, despite their impact. The prologue and first few chapters were included in this book, as a tease. Why am I going back? To see what happens to Ruth and Nelson, of course.

And to hope for more vibrant terrain. If I don't see significant improvement and development of character and story, then it will be my last go-round for this series. And if the author kills off Nelson's wife in some tragic accident for convenience, I will put the book down even before I finish it. Jun 05, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: series-summer , brit-mysteries , , library , library-request , crime-thriller-suspense , no-audio-ill.

I loved this second book in the series! Really glad that so many of my friends here love this series that I gave it another chance. Please tell me he is a recurring character.

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She captures the atmosphere so well that I don't mind using Audible credits to buy these books. I really hope we see him in book three. Worth saying twice. Highly recommend this series for creepy British wonderment! I'm moving right into the third book, even though I have some pressing library holdlist books I should be getting on with first. It's that good. Oct 09, Taryn Pierson rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction.

I checked this book out from the library on a whim and finished it the next day. I remembered enjoying the first Ruth Galloway mystery, The Crossing Places , but I had forgotten what a great character Ruth is and how funny these books are. There are so many one-liners, I kept snorting to myself as I read. Ruth is a smart, capable, and delightfully snarky archaeologist, and her unlikely bond with DCI Harry Nelson is not the typical professional relationship.

Who knew archaeologists led such interesting lives? Jun 28, Deb Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , series , police-procedural.

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Ruth Galloway, a forensic archeologist, is getting on with her life after the drama of three months ago when her work and that of police detective Harry Nelson overlapped -- and nearly cost her her life. Ruth is dealing with a major life change when once again, buried bones bring Nelson back into her orbit. As in the first of this series, the story is populated with an interesting and diverse cast of characters, a twisting plot and plenty of tension and suspense. I really can't get into these. I really have tried.

The characters I find really bland. Ruth seems to have zero reaction to her life being in danger which is pretty much this entire book. I'm not totally sure why she is the "focus" of this series as she really does nothing in this book except view spoiler [be pregnant, complain about her weight and religion, and get into trouble hide spoiler ]. She doesn't even solve the mystery! I also just can't believe some of the characters reactions in this I really can't get into these. I also just can't believe some of the characters reactions in this book. They seem diluted to the point where it seems like the characters are robots pretending to have emotions.

The janus stone ruth galloway 2 elly griffiths

I also have an incredibly difficult time believing that the killer knew all those intimate details about Ruth enough to "play with her mind". And can I just put in here that after Ruth gets attacked twice she should probably NOT go out by herself anymore? But what do I know Why even target Ruth?

She isn't even doing any of the investigation really I give up.

Jan 11, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: griffiths , mystery-ruth-galloway. The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths. A new construction is about to begin but before they can start an old mansion must be leveled. Just as soon as this has begun the skeleton of a child is unearthed under a doorway.

Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, is called in to determine the age of the skeleton as well as how many years it's been buried there. Then a new issue to comes to the forefront. This area was also the site of a Catholic children's Home.

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Ruth soon finds herself working alongside DCI Nelson once again. And there's just one more issue that may need to be discussed between the two of them. This is the 2nd book in this series and my 2nd. This series is, in my opinion, excellent. The suspense and the slowly unraveling of a decades old mystery was spell binding. This is a great series. Great summer reading.

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This is my second encounter with archeologist Ruth Galloway. This was a rather more interesting encounter than the first, mostly because Ruth at almost 40 years old, is accidentally pregnant for the first time by the married police officer Nelson. Some bones are discovered at a dig for apartment complexes and they turn out to be from the 50's - the pertinent question is, who do they belong to?

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This was more enjoyable than the first installment, including sacrifices made to Roman gods. The second in the Ruth Galloway series. Mar 29, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , favourite-series.

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I find it strange that sometimes I can't explain why I like a book as much as I do and yet dislike other books that have exactly the same elements. I say I don't like this or that view spoiler [I don't like people having affairs. I don't like ridiculous plots where the main character is always the victim. I don't like police officers acting in an unprofessional manner despite years on the job. I guess it must be t I find it strange that sometimes I can't explain why I like a book as much as I do and yet dislike other books that have exactly the same elements.

Sorry this review is a bit ambiguous! To be a bit clearer this is a cosy crime mystery in a series featuring Dr Ruth Galloway who is a forensic archaeologist set in Norfolk England. She gets involved in a murder investigation when the bones of a child are discovered during a dig. The crimes always seem to become personal and these two get way too involved but I found this added to the cosiness and my own interest in the outcome.

This is engaging and enjoyable cosy crime fiction - I'm not anywhere near done with this series yet! View all 3 comments. This series is like comfort food to me. I like mysteries, I like archeology, I like these characters and setting.