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In the first book, Kowal had the language of the period down, but the story itself had weaknesses and devolved into melodrama at the end. In this book, there is still drama aplenty, but it is tightly woven into the story and not at all over the top. Part of this, I think, is because here Kowal is focusing on the relationship between Jane and Vincent and has removed them from England for most of the story, moving it from a novel of manners to a deeper level with history serving as an underlying structure.

Wow, so many people have been by in the last day! I loved that bead, Peggy, and thought it perfect for my husband. I'm working slowly through Heavy Time myself, a chapter or two a day. I'm finding it very interesting--love the world-building--but it hasn't swept me up yet. Dejah, I hope the Armstrong book works out for your challenge. It's certainly one of her shorter ones. Thank you, Lori. I think the balance is better in this version too.

Es and Kathy, thank you. I wanted to do the pendant justice. Kathy, the metallic part is dichroic glass, which has metal in it, and it's layered with regular glass to give a dimension of depth that you don't get with regular glass. Thanks, Tina. You must be a Summer, like me! We like those pastels, while all those Winters out there love the drama of 83 best. Which one, Jennifer? The red or the pink? Btw, eBay is a good source for inexpensive glass pendants--that's where I got the red one.

Morphy, I agree. I thought the bead looked very masculine and very much in my husband's style. Laura, I certainly will, even though I am sure that I am overdoing it in some people's eyes. Oh well, they can skim through and always find the books by the cover pictures. I do enjoy the feedback I get from all of you. Lucy, I agree with you, although not everyone does. In the Great Transformation Group Read thread, the first reviewer of the book basically said it was a terrible and fallacious book, pretty much choking off discussion completely, IMHO.

I've tried a number of "hobbies" cross stitch, knitting, jewelry-making and I always come back to wanting to spend my free time reading.

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It's a good thing I discovered wine "as a hobby" because that involves reading about wine, about wine-growing regions of the world The perfect "hobby" for me. Of course, your art is not a hobby. I really love the various things you make and share with us on your thread. I really do have this fantasy that I'll get to see and purchase? I should be able to start Kavalier and Clay tomorrow. Hi, Roni. For some reason I've managed to get a long way behind on your thread; I did think up lots of comments as I worked my way through.

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Let's see: beautiful flowers. The necklaces are, too. That first one is stunning, and I thought the second was delicate until I scrolled down and picked up that spark of bright blue. I like the way you reworked it to bring that out. I can't quite remember what the other one looked like, but I think that the reworking brings out the colours nicely. Nice bracelet - I like that focal bead. Love your glazes, as usual.

Good luck with the weather for your gardening.

Linda, your pictures are very refreshing, somehow. HI Roni, love your necklaces, but I have to say I am especially fond of the one you made as a birthday gift - the one with the pendant shaped like a flower. Absolutely beautiful. I heard that sweat peas are very easy to grow - well they never do with me and they belong to the category of my fave flowers. Thanks for the interesting reviews on The Bible: A Biography and Glamour in Glass both books are gone onto my wishlist :.

I love the one in post I have never thought of that before Book 61 Heavy Time by C.

As with many of Cherryh's books, it has so much detail and personality that one has to take it slowly at first, but then picks up as you become completely pulled into the world and start to care about what is happening. Not one of her most riveting, but a good look early on into the political intricacies of the Company Wars.

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So, I went to the library today to pick up three books that are completely the fault of other LTers reviewing them. Foggidawn is responsible for Museum of Thieves and City of Lies , the first two of a YA trilogy, after she reviewed them on her thread. Hey, Ellen, I love my glass of wine every evening as well!

A worthy hobby. THanks, Nina. Always good to see you here. And thank you, Bianca. You have to have the right climate for sweet peas, where it has enough time between last freeze and downright hot for them to flourish. Jenn, just do a search for dicroic glass pendant and you will get hundreds of possibilities, most very reasonable. I was just thinking about Restoree today, Roni - how odd! This caught my attention! Oh I love that cartoon. Good evaluation of Heavy Time too - not the best, but so much part of the big picture of the 'verse.

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I really enjoy her books. I went to thumb your review, but no review on the page, so no thumbsie. If you will, I will. Another summer here, voting for the one you're creating in post Hi Roni, I love that last necklace that you posted, gorgeous colors. I have let my crafty side slip lately and haven't done anything but my granddaughter really wants to learn how to embroider so I've ordered some patterns and picked up some thread and we'll give it a go. The patterns made me smile as they look like the same ones that I used when I was a kid. I guess embroidery isn't too popular anymore so they just keep recycling the patterns.

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Catching up! Sarah and I got to meet Mary Robinette Kowal the other night while she is on tour for the latest book, Without a Summer. She talked about how she changed up the writing style a little from the first book to the later books. She also put on a puppet show, in period costume, all of which she made by hand.

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I don't think the woman actually sleeps. And your teapot and bowl are just gorgeous!! Es, Ellen, Nina and Lucy, glad to entertain you! She covers all the important points but doesn't go into the depth she does in some of the other books. Judy, my grandmother taught me to embroider when I was in 5th grade. I had a great-aunt who every Christmas gave us embroidered pillowcases--I still have a bunch of them.

David, that's really neat! What fun! Thank you everyone, for the positive comments about the pottery and jewelry.