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Getting Help and Information. Core vs. Dijit at a Glance. Programmatic Dijits.

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Common Dijit Methods and Attributes. The dijit. Published on Dec View Download 0. Frank W. Zammetti All rights reserved.

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From theusual suspects such as my wife, children, parents, and friends, to the unusual: fictional characters, various food, alien species, and even myself! Oh yes. Now stop bugging me! Contents at a Glance About the Author. Practical Projects for Self Sufficiency Documents. Example Gist :.

While PHP still contains a plethora of functions aimed at dealing with dates and times, thankfully a lot of the pain of PHP development in the past has been reduced with PHP 5. Example Gist.

PHP 5. With these functions, you can easily generate a secure hash using the most secure algorithm available to PHP. It is vital for any project that accepts user input to properly screen and sanitize that data before executing upon it in your own code, to prevent malicious attacks or simple user entry errors. A simple but hugely impactful practice is ensuring you determine and store the size of your array before looping begins.

This is particularly true when working with global variables. With PHP 5.

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There are a few reasons, but the primary concern leading to this standard switch is that PCRE is typically faster due to the default behavior of searching for the first available match rather than the longest length match. Below is a simple example of checking for a whole word within a longer sentence.

Example Gis t :. Interested in mastering the PHP stack in just four weeks?

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Really great post. Students will be able to find a list of many sites from this post and they can learn a lot better from these sites. Thanks for sharing the post.

  1. Sensei Project Solutions.
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  3. Freshwater Microbiology: Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment.
  4. Six Myths About the Good Life: Thinking About What Has Value!

I simply wanted to write down a quick word to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips and hints you are showing on this site. The content that I normally see is nothing like what you have written. Gone are the days when scrounging around the Internet to find a snippet of code to do something you need could lead to either decent code or utter garbage that you'd surely regret using later. No, writing high—quality JavaScript these days is a whole lot easier with the advent of top—notch libraries that save you time and effort, and one that stands out from most others is Dojo.

Dojo is a library like few others: written by some of the best JavaScript coders around today, providing nearly everything you'll need to write modern rich Internet applications, all in one place. From Ajax to widgets, to client—side persistence and language extensions, and many points in between, Dojo has it all. In Practical Dojo Projects , you'll learn all about what Dojo has to offer.

You'll see it in action in the form of five fully functional applications, which include. By the time you've finished reading, you'll have a firm grasp on what Dojo is all about, and you'll have the preparation you need to begin to use it yourself in your own projects.

See you inside!

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Frank W. Zammetti is a web architect specialist for a leading worldwide financial company by day, and a PocketPC and open-source developer by night. He is the founder and chief software architect of Omnytex Technologies, a PocketPC development house. He has over 12 years of "professional" experience in the information technology field, and over 12 more of "amateur" experience. He began his nearly life-long love of computers at age 7, when he became one of four students chosen to take part in his school district's pilot computer program.

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A year later, he was the only participant left!