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  1. CNA - 基于二阶iir低通滤波器的去乘快速算法 - Google Patents;
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Buckle's Books Cambridge, United Kingdom. This is similar to conventional infinite impulse response IIR filter coefficient determination but the WDF will give a more efficient realization. Due to the WDFs power complementary properties, a first-order ladder WDF can simultaneously realize both lowpass and highpass responses using the same structure, while a second-order WDF can realize both the bandpass and bandstop responses simultaneously. By appropriately choosing the WDF adaptor configuration and structure, tunable parameters can be determined from the digital domain transfer function that controls the 3dB cut-off frequency of the lowpass and highpass filters, and the centre frequency and 3-dB bandwidth of the bandpass and bandstop filters.

This results in the WDFs requiring a minimum number of multipliers for realization. Fettweis, A. Circuit Theory, vol. CT, pp. Eswaran, C. Oppenheim, A. Smith, S. Gaszi, L. CAS, pp. Sedlmeyer, A. Real half-band IIR filters Hilbert transformer. The discrete Hilbert transfor- mer arises in a variety of practical applications, Real half-band filters can be realized with either including inverse filtering, complex representations FIR or IIR filters.

CN103684348A - 基于二阶iir低通滤波器的去乘快速算法 - Google Patents

For IIR filters, it has been shown for real bandpass signals, single side-band modula- [13] that any odd order elliptic lowpass half-band tion techniques and spectral analysis. Using IIR filters are especially advantageous in realizing low-cost and low-power devices. In addition, complex realizations are ripple, respectively, while op and os are the not shown for these real filters. Hence, G ejo using the appropriate adaptors. This filter has a doubly complemen- magnitude and phase responses has not been shown.

The transfer functions for a class of IIR Fig.


Realization of a real-half band IIR filter. Complex half-band IIR filters yre[z] A0 -z2 A complex half-band filter can be used to realize the discrete Hilbert transformer for the generation of an analytic signal from a discrete-time real signal. The analytic signal is a complex time function z-1 A1 -z2 yim[z] having a Fourier transform that vanishes for negative frequencies.

IIR realization of a complex half-band filter.

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Transformation equations response. An approach to develop a realizable To obtain a complex half-band filter from that of system is by using complex half-band filters. To form interconnection between ele- ments, adaptors are used. These adaptors contain the multipliers and adders of the filter. Three equivalent two-port adaptors. This structure corresponds, in the analogue domain, to a cascade of unit elements used in the design of same relation as microwave filters.

For the allpass section A0, the Fig. It can be observed that the magnitude of the non-zero parameterization can be used. One of the most coefficients can in fact be obtained directly from important properties of the Schur algorithm is its the transfer function. The By repeating the Schur parameterization proce- magnitude response meets the specifications re- dures in Eqs. The symbol for a two- sponse. In the selecting the adaptors for the complex half-band WDF, the non-zero coefficient adaptor for A0 requires a Type I as shown in Fig. The resulting complex half-band WDF structure is shown in Fig.

The magnitude response for the complex half- band filter is shown in Fig. Except for frequencies near zero and p, the magnitude is unity throughout the passband.

Analysis and design of low power FIR filter based on Pipelined FFT architecture using RLS Algorithm

This is the main criterion for a complex half-band filter. A phase difference is obtained in the positive frequency Fig.

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Lowpass magnitude and phase responses for the half- ranges, 0 to p, while phase difference is band WDF. However, at frequencies near 0, p and 2p the phase response is not constant. In applying this minimum multiplier discrete Hilbert transformer realization, careful selection of the applied signal frequency with respect to the sampling frequency has to be observed so that it falls between the accepted ranges.

However, it has the advantage of requiring only two multipliers for its implementation. Highpass magnitude and phase responses for the half- band WDF. However, the phase change is monotoni- cally decreasing in the passband of both filters. The values are Fig. Complex half-band WDF. Magnitude response of the complex half-band WDF.