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Now truly a shell is a part universal in this single family, octopus the notable exception. Categories : English terms derived from Latin English terms derived from Ancient Greek English 3-syllable words English terms with IPA pronunciation English terms with audio links English lemmas English nouns English countable nouns English nouns with irregular plurals English uncountable nouns en:Eight en:Octopuses Dutch terms derived from Ancient Greek Dutch terms with audio links Dutch lemmas Dutch nouns Dutch nouns with plural in -en Dutch words prefixed with octo- nl:Octopuses Latin terms derived from Ancient Greek Latin 3-syllable words Latin terms with IPA pronunciation Latin lemmas Latin nouns Latin masculine nouns Latin third declension nouns Latin masculine nouns in the third declension New Latin Latin terms with usage examples la:Octopuses.

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It lives for up to 20 years, reproducing several times during its life. In a rebuttal paper , he and two colleagues argue that the evolution of intelligence takes many generations, and cephalopods would surely have been exterminated by their legion of predators if they only started that process after they had lost their protective shells. More likely, they argue, the path to intelligence began while the shells still existed, perhaps to help early cephalopods control their jet propulsion, or process the information from their well-developed eyes and many arms.

Amodio actually agrees with that.

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They were preadapted for intelligence. But they only made that big leap forward, Amodio argues, after they got rid of their shells.

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Also, Amodio adds, think about their camouflaging skin. If they had time to gradually evolve one complicated defense after losing another, then surely they had enough time to evolve intelligence too?

All of these were gradual processes that probably overlapped in time. Amodio adds that his ideas still need to be tested.

For example, researchers could compare different species of octopuses on the same tests, to see whether species that forage in more complex ways, or live in habitats with more predators, are also smarter. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

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  • So much for Aristotle. We now know that octopuses can solve problems, remember solutions, navigate complex mazes, and take things apart just for fun.

    Octopuses keep surprising us - here are eight examples how

    An octopus named Inky demonstrated just how intelligent, dexterous, and determined his species can be after his Houdini-like escape from a New Zealand aquarium outwitted researchers and made international headlines. Inky slipped through a tiny gap at the top of his tank, crawled eight feet across the aquarium floor, and slid down a foot-long drainpipe that transported him back to his ocean home. Talk about navigating a complex maze! In her book Soul Of An Octopus: A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Consciousness , naturalist and author Sy Montgomery shares example after example of octopuses outsmarting researchers, expressing compassion for them, and playing games with them.

    There are around incredible species of octopus living in the ocean and they can be found everywhere from coral reefs to the deepest parts of the open ocean.

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    • Everywhere you find an octopus in its natural habitat, you can also find an unnatural predator: ocean plastic.