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Console Game Development

PySide the Python binding for the Qt toolkit has some preliminary support for Android. PySide Qt bindings allow both free open source and proprietary software development and ultimately aim to support Qt platforms. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required.

A minimal base system is installed automatically — additional packages are available using the APT package manager. Google Play. This allows Python code to be executed as a native binary on the JVM. Sign in.

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NOOK Book. JavaScript is in the top ten most-used programming languages world wide, and is the basis for applications that can run in any modern browser, on any device from smart phone to tablet to PC.

Building JavaScript Games

Especial emphasis is given to touch-based interface, but all games also run using a regular mouse and keyboard setup. These four games are casual, arcade-style games representing the aim-and-shoot, puzzle, maze, and platform styles of game play.

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  • The approach in Building JavaScript Games follows the basic structure of a game rather than the syntax of a language. From almost the very first chapter you are building games to run on your phone or other device and show to your friends. Successive projects teach about handling player input, manipulating game objects, designing game worlds, managing levels, and realism through physics.

    The final chapters in the book contain a very nice bonus of sorts. Introduction to game development for the Web.

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    The reach of the Web is enormous; it's everywhere. HTML audio The element is used to embed sound content in documents.

    Design Once, Play Anywhere

    It can also be the destination for streamed media, using a MediaStream. A great way to save game state and other information locally so it doesn't have to be downloaded every time it's needed. Also useful to help make your game playable even when the user isn't connected to the Web such as when they're stuck on an airplane for hours on end.

    JavaScript JavaScript, the programming language used on the Web, is blazing fast in modern browsers and getting faster all the time. Use its power to write the code for your game, or look at using technologies like Emscripten or Asm. Pointer Lock API The Pointer Lock API lets you lock the mouse or other pointing device within your game's interface so that instead of absolute cursor positioning you receive coordinate deltas that give you more precise measurements of what the user is doing, and prevent the user from accidentally sending their input somewhere else, thereby missing important action.

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    SVG Scalable Vector Graphics Lets you build vector graphics that scale smoothly regardless of the size or resolution of the user's display. Typed Arrays JavaScript typed arrays give you access to raw binary data from within JavaScript; this lets you manipulate GL textures, game data, or anything else, even if it's not in a native JavaScript format. Web Audio API This API for controlling the playback, synthesis, and manipulation of audio from JavaScript code lets you create awesome sound effects as well as play and manipulate music in real time.

    Want your players to be able to talk to each other while blowing up monsters?